We have over 25 years in the lighting industry

Let there be light ...


  • We bring your ideas to light .
  • We are solution finder.
  • Our light cuisine has many ingredients , we strive to combine them and create the optimum light recipe for them.
  • Our latest lighting technologies allow us to put your object in the right light .
  • Do not go , we do not accept .
About Us

E.V.A. GmbH is independent supplier of LED lamps, our manufacturing is based in the Far East and is producing European Engineered lamps.

We have over 30 years’ experience in lamp development and have been involved in lamps currently produced by major European lamp manufacturers.

Our goal is to expand our partner network in each European country and provide our partners a platform for supplying lamps at European quality level directly from the factory

Solution provider

Besides the sales of high quality lamps, we also offer a large scale of LED solutions. Starting from the first contact to the implementation of the solution, we guide you along the way. Following the analysis of your specific project, we conceive and plan your entire solution. In this way we achieve for you an optimum balance between energy and efficiency, without losing track of your individual application.

Our solutions are available along the the entire spectrum from UV over visible light to Infrared lighting.

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