Ultraviolet range of electromagnetic spectrum covers a span of 380nm to 100nm in three ranges:

UVA:380 to 315nm

UVB:315 t0 280nm

UVC:280 to 100nm

Germicidal effect is most pronounced in UVC range peaking at 265 nm, which is very close to 253.7 nm radiation emitted by a low pressuremercury discharge lamp. This radiation is extremely effective in killing microorganisms such as air, water and surface borne bacteria, viruses,yeastand molds, algaeandprotozoa. Proteins and nucleic acids- main constituents of microorganisms absorb ultraviolet radiation, which destroysand inactivate DNA preventing reproduction.

Low pressuremercury discharge lamp also emits 185nm, which if not absorbed by the lamp walls, will generate ozone in air. Ozone itself has stronge germicidal properties. Sodepending upon the gradeof quartz usedfor lamp making, the lamp could be ozone forming or ozone free. It should be noted that softglass will alwaysabsorb 185nm and hence the softglassUV lamp cannot produce ozone. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent and it will oxidize all volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which cause stench, to harmless CO2 and water. Ozone produced by UV lamp is without open air sparks and preferred over Corona Discharge method in moist and humid atmosphere. It also does not contain nitrogen oxides. The ozone UV combination is several times more effective than either UV light or ozone on its own.

High purity fusedsilica (Quartz) hashigh transmission of UV and therefore quartz UVlamp has higher initial UV output, also the UV transmission of quartz, in contrast to that of soft glass, does not decrease with ageing. It therefore has higher initial efficacy as well as superior UV maintenance. For all industrial or commercial applications, where large amount of sterilization of air and water is required, quartz UV lamp is preferred over soft glass UV lamp.

Preheat start lamps have two pins or wires at either end or have four pins at one end to make electric connections. Preheat start lamps use commonly available off the shelf fluorescent lamp ballast providing advantages of economy.

Instant start lamps having one pin at each end or two wire or pins at one end, need a suitable igniter for the lamp starting and suitable ballast for current regulation.


  • Arklite product range includes over 100 types of lampsvarying from 150mm in length to 1630mm with all types of end connections.
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  • Arklite uses internationally acclaimed principle "Getter is better" to produce environmental friendly low mercury lamps with higher UV maintenance and longer life.
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Of the three ways of Air Disinfection namely dilution, filtration and UVgermicidal irradiation (UVGI),the last one is mosteffectiveandefficient. Pleasevisit www.lrc.rpi.edu


WATER: Drinking water, Waste water, Effluent treatment, beverages,fruit processing,fruit juices, milk and milk products, food processing, meat and poultry, fish and marine products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and hygiene products, health care etc.

AIR: Closed indoors, Air Conditioners, Pharmaceoticals, Health care, Food, Milk, beverages, meat and poultry, fish and marine products, Tissue culture, biotechnology, Hotels, Bars and Restaurants, Cinema, theaters and other such places of congregate settings, offices and commercial complexes, Malls etc.

Surface Sterilization: Operation instruments, packing m.aterials for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics etc, Crockery in Hotels, Bars and other eateries.

Electronic Industry: EPROM memory erasing.

Capital Goods: Packing machines for food and other articlesof human consumption.

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