UVC-DESINFEKTION measured right - patent pending

The ParvaSens is the first industry device that measures UVC radiation and compares the calculated value to an intergrated database of microorganisms, such as Bacteria, Moulds and Viruses. This makes it possible for the very first time to immediately verify if a give aray has been desinfect and has received the necessary dose of UVC

Did you know...?

Sterilization and desifection of surfacesis not a simple task. UV radiation propagates ina straight path from the source (e.g. UVC Robot). Unfortunately, shaded or surfaces at distance may only receive very little or no UVC at all comared to surfaces close by and receiving direct radiation. This leads to different UVC doses at any given location.

UV light has been used for many years to disinfect surfaces from microorganisms as an alternative to chemical cleaning.

Due to the increased awareness, caused by the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, the disinfection with UV-radiation has become more mainstream.

A flood of UV-Devices appeared on the market promising perfect results in seconds, without any proof if disinfection really took place.

The ParvaSens now makes it possible for everyone to measure the disinfection power of any UV-C Light source, effortless and accurately